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As President and Principle Broker at Parker Properties, Inc., I am always excited to assist new, novice and experience investors in their quest for effortless ownership.  I believe investing in real estate and utilizing that asset to its highest potential is the #1 way to create long-term wealth.

I became a real estate agent to retire my father-in-law from the property management arm of our brokerage. (I was previously working in the real estate investment education world).  Little did I know, this detour into property management would round out my understanding of investing in a way I did not expect.  Over the last decade and a half, I have completely fallen in love with real estate investing and managing those investments for long-term benefit.

I am passionate about performing well.  I obsess over giving my absolute best in this business and, in turn, my clients getting the best out of their properties.   Working with me, you'll get to see how my unique background lends itself to a particularly keen eye for income producing properties, how to best manage them for long-term benefit, and how that entire process can be effortless for you- the owner.

When I am not working, you can find me with my husband and beautiful daughter, tending to our plants, animals and home nestled in the mountains of Woodland, Utah.

thank you for being here!

I hope I can help you with your investment goals and management needs.  It would be my pleasure to see if I can help you. 

Simply email me at jenica@parkerproperties.com and tell me a little about your situation. 

I'll take it from there and help you in any way I can.

about Parker Properties, inc.

Where we came from
Where we are going

Parker Properties, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Brett A. Parker Sr.  While the company has always been a full-service brokerage, it's main focus in it's first 25 years was property management.  Brett Sr. grew the company from just a few doors to well over 100 while being an active Realtor, Dual Broker and Certified Appraiser.

By 2015, he was eager to start the process of finding new stewards for the company and easing into his retirement years.   That is where Brett Jr. and myself came in!  After years of handing down his knowledge and expertise, we are proud to say that Brett Sr. is now happily retired and enjoys his well-earned free time by playing with his horses and grandchildren.

We have taken the solid foundation of this wonderful company and are eager to grow upon it with a new-found focus in serving investors, whether they be new, novice or experienced. 

We serve the areas of Summit County, Wasatch County and Salt Lake County.  As you browse our services, you'll find that in addition to assisting in the purchase of investment properties and overseeing their management, we also offer Home Care to non-rental second homes and vacant estates in Summit and Wasatch counties.  We understand that, while you may not rent out your vacant home to others, that does not mean that it is not an investment and should be treated as such.

Jenica serves as President and Principal Broker while Brett Jr. is head of Maintenance. We are honored to be able to take one of the original property management companies in all of Utah and grow it into a premier, full-service, investors brokerage.

Most investors take advantage of creative financing to fund their deals.  Understanding the options available to you could be the difference between owning a rental... or being stuck in analysis paralysis.  Get our list of a few different financing options to explore!